Veal Marengo


2 lbs (1 Kg) veal stew
1 cup (25 cl) white wine
1 cup (25 cl) water
1 carrot
3 shallots
1 oz (30g) flour
1.8 oz, 3.5 tbsps, 50 g butter
2 tablespoons tomato paste
2 garlic cloves
4.4 oz (125 g) portobello mushrooms
parsley, bay leaf, thyme
salt, pepper


In a large pot or pressure cooker, caramelize the meat with butter.

Meanwhile, chop the shallots and stir them to the veal.
Cut in dice the carrot and add it to the veal.
Stir in the flour.

Add the tomato paste, white wine and water.
Add garlic, thyme, bay leaf, parsley, salt and pepper.

Cover and boil at low heat for 1 hour and thirty minutes, or cook with a pressure cooker for 45 minutes.

Meanwhile, slice the mushrooms.
Once the meat is cooked, drain the meat and strain the sauce.
Add back the sauce to the meat in the pot.
Add the mushrooms and cook for 10 minutes.

Finally, this is what you get:

You can serve Veal Marengo with mashed potato.

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