A walk in St Germain des Prés

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This walk starts at Metro Odeon. From there, turn right to Rue de Condé until you reach Rue Saint Sulpice. Walk until you get to Place St Sulpice. On Place St Sulpice, check out the church. You may also have a drink at “Café de la Mairie” on its very pleasant terrace (the photo below is Café de la Mairie, and a view of Rue des Canettes. Please note that the photo is powered by Google Map, therefore you can navigate through the walk by clicking on the arrows).

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Then go to Rue des Canettes. On this street, there are plenty of cafés and restaurants. One typical café with a “cave” (basement) is “Chez Georges”. On the first floor, you can enjoy a glass of wine at any time. I recommend to go to the basement at night.

Rue des Canettes is also famous for its authentic pizza restaurants, but there are other very good restaurants (always packed) in Rue Princesse and Rue Guisarde.

After Rue des Canettes, Rue Princesse and Rue Guisarde, turn left to Rue du Four, and head toward Rue de Rennes. When you reach Rue de Rennes, turn right toward Place St Germain-des-Prés. On this place, there are the 2 most famous Parisian cafés: “Les Deux Magots” and “Café de Flore”. It is said that Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir would meet here and discuss their philosophy of existentialism over a drink. On the same place, you may also visit the Church “Eglise St Germain-des-Prés”.

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