Walk alongside the Seine towards Notre Dame

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This is a very nice promenade that leads to Notre Dame. The promenade is 1 mile (1.6 km) long.

You start the promenade at Gare d’Auterlitz and take the stairs located just right in front of the “Institut du Monde Arabe”,  that lead down to the Seine. Then, you walk on a promenade called “Jardin Tino Rossi”. Jardin Tino Rossi is actually an outdoor museum which showcases sculptures from contemporary artists such as César, Rougemont, Zadkine, Schoffer or Stahly.

When the outdoor museum ends, you begin to see Notre Dame from the back. This is one of the most beautiful view in Paris. You also can see “Bateaux mouche” (Paris sightseeing boats) cruising on the Seine enabling tourists to visit Paris from the river.

Keep walking until you reach the bridge “Pont au Double”. Climb the stairs and turn right. Notre Dame is on the big plazza, just in front of you.

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